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Medical Apps by Mr Jawahar Thomas—MEKSI

for better ways to refresh your general medical knowledge through practical roleplay and hypothetical situations via medical apps? Mr Jawahar Thomas has years of experience working with a diverse range of patients in India as well as Australia. As a clinician, he understands the importance of asking the right questions to correctly diagnose issues and to identify other potential problems. He developed MEKSI which is his patented Medical Knowledge Simulator.


Ideal for Self-Learning

As a doctor in training, or a post-graduate, MEKSI is a great educational resource for general practitioners. You can use these medical apps to test your own knowledge and consultation skills. Simply try a scenario and see how you go with taking notes and how you respond to realistic hypothetical situations. This is professional roleplaying in a judgement-free space. These medical apps also provide instant results with the potential to test your skills with a peer.

Realistic Cases to Solve

MEKSI is designed to be educational and relevant for general practitioners and students. Mr Jawahar Thomas is trying to convert theoretical learning to practical clinical skill so that MEKSI users can apply their medical app experiences for real-life situations. The cases that are uploaded to the Medical Knowledge Simulator are all standardised and added by established educators in their respective specialisations of medicine. Every case contains guidelines for diagnosis, recommended treatment and after you have completed the scenario, MEKSI provides immediate feedback and a score.

Medical Apps for Innovative Education

Mr Jawahar Thomas develops medical apps for the use of healthcare professionals. To learn more about MEKSI and how it can add value to your professional career, contact us

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