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About Mr Jawahar Thomas and his team in Sydney

Thomas runs three medical organisations as well as a specialist centre in the north-western suburbs of Sydney. He has special interests in enhanced primary care, specifically: multidisciplinary management of chronic diseases

Education and Background

As a medical graduate from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in India, Osmania Medical College, Mr Jawahar Thomas has a keen eye for detail and is thorough with all his cases.

After completing his studies in India, and providing relief efforts due to the Latur earthquake, Mr Jawahar Thomas travelled to the Northern Territory and other remote locations in Australia’s outback. He learnt to adapt to harsh climatic conditions and to utilise lateral thinking in situations where resources were limited and access to certain medications and equipment was scarce.

To date, he is committed to finding health and education solutions for some of the poorest regions around the world via state-of-the-art technology and science.

In the past decade, Mr Jawahar Thomas has acquired medical clinics; leading by example, many doctors in Sydney have benefited from his worldly experience and dedication to providing quality healthcare education for people of all ages.


Training for Doctors in Sydney

Mr Jawahar Thomas is a teacher for undergraduates from Sydney University, the University of NSW and James Cook University. To complement his educational pursuits, he is developing a medical app called Medical Knowledge Simulator (MEKSI). .

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Mr Jawahar Thomas runs three medical organisations and a specialist centre in Sydney’s northwest. He is committed to providing excellent preventative care solutions for his patients.

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