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Mr Jawahar Thomas Manages Medical Businesses in Sydney’s Northwest.

We care about our community and continue accommodate our consultation services in Sydney to the diverse needs of patients seeking services in the area. Mr Jawahar Thomas and general practitioners proactively work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment, advice and support.

Mr J Thomas's Practice
Mr J Thomas’ Practice

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About Mr Jawahar Thomas

Mr Jawahar Thomas is the CEO of four medical businesses in Sydney as well as an inventor.

Jawahar Thomas grew up in India and was taught from an early age to “share what we receive”. This attitude has informed his community-serving ethos and led to him becoming a community health advocate, an innovator and an educator.

Mr Jawahar Thomas and his team work together with the shared goal of enhancing their services. Their ethos is to accommodate the diverse needs of all patients seeking advice in the medical field. Mr Thomas is a keen promoter of education in the medical profession to enhance and develop the standard of care for all patients.

Mr Thomas’s contribution to medical education

Mr Thomas has focused on the education of doctors and medical professionals as the best way to improve the overall standard of medical care. His passion for education led him to create an innovative software system, MEKSI, which simulates a patient-doctor exchange. It is an interactive platform that is intuitively straight forward. It allows the medical student to practice their diagnosis and treatment plan skills in a safe and supportive environment. MEKSI uses interactive software to give medical students the opportunity to practice hypothetical consultation and diagnoses with a range of theoretical patient profiles. Students can test their skills and knowledge in a safe environment enabling them to develop their expertise and confidence as medical practitioners.

MEKSI also has a note-taking facility. Diligent note-taking is vital to providing uninterrupted patient care. Learning what information to include or omit and how to highlight particularly pertinent information is one of the key pillars of good patient outcome. The note-taking facility within MEKSI guides and educates medical practitioners in how to take optimum notes, patient history, symptoms history, potential concurrent issues and other medicines for example, all need to be captured succinctly, yet comprehensively capture all relevant health information. All this needs to be done in a useful way for ensuring optimum subsequent patient treatment.

MEKSI was designed to be relevant and educational for general practitioners and students. It bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical clinical skill so that students and GP’s can continue to consolidate and update their skills.

Holistic approach to patient health

Mr Thomas and his team practice a complete approach to serving patients’ needs. This means understanding the economic, social and diverse ethnic circumstances of patients and considering those elements in working on a treatment plan.

Each of our offices have female general practitioners available to discuss women’s unique health needs.

Mr Thomas also writes a health blog to share tips and insights that promote and motivate healthy behaviour.

In his blog he regularly addresses common health issues particularly in the preventative sphere. Topics covered include:

· How lifestyle affects health

· Diet and a healthy relationship with food

· The importance of exercise for physical and mental health

· Cultivating good sleep practices

· Stress management

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Mr Jawahar Thomas manages three medical organisations in Sydney and one specialist centre. His staff offer a range of services including:

Women's Health

Women’s health

Wound management

Family Care

Family care

Minor Surgery


Broken Bone

Broken Bones

Heart Checkup

Heart check-ups

Mental Health Screenings


Skin checks

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine

About Mr Jawahar Thomas

Learn more about his qualifications, background and experience. Mr Jawahar Thomas provides excellent patient care and dedicates his time to improve healthcare standards for the benefit of his local community.


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Mr Jawahar manages three medical organisations as well as a specialist center in northwest Sydney. Book an appointment with us today or contact us for more information.

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