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Mr Jawahar Thomas Manages Medical Businesses in Sydney’s Northwest.

We care about our community and continue help out our discussions concerning medical services in Sydney to the variety of needs of patients looking for medical services in the area. Mr Jawahar Thomas and general practitioners and preventative practice work hand-in-hand to make sure that you receive the best treatment and support for as long as you need.

Mr Jawahar Thomas is an inventor committed to providing excellent service, and innovation.

Mr Thomas graduated from college in one of India’s most famous educational institutions. He has seen how technology can be used to boost the general standard of education and practice in the medicine field.

Mr Thomas has followed the move from traditional education methods to education and training delivery after the invention of the internet. He has made a significant application aiding the development of medical professionals, and their skills in consultation, diagnosis, and note-taking skills.

Mr Thomas’s passion for technology as a channel to improving lives, and in particular in improving patient well-being, has led to him working a lot in the preventative health field.

Mr Thomas is an active advocate for preventative health checks and a builder of public health initiatives, such as regular check-ups with your GP.

Poor food choices, stress, and lack of movement are just a few causes of bad day-to-day health.

Mr J Thomas's Practice
Mr J Thomas’ Practice

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Mr J Thomas's Practice
Mr J Thomas’ Practice

Our passion and professional approach to medical education, invention of new things, and improvement, and our approvals from many respected medical associations, means that we can help our community make better health care choices.

Mr Jawahar Thomas and his team use new and interesting education solutions designed to increase the chance of early detection to accomplish best healthy living practices. Early detection is extremely important for good treatment results for many sicknesses.

We provide fully complete and thorough travel health guidance to help you in preparation for any across the ocean trips you may have planned. It is always important that you talk to your GP at least a minimum of 6 weeks before your departure. We are always informed with up-to-date knowledge of the latest travel-related disease information, and as a result we can give the best possible advice on the best vaccination plan for you and your loved ones relative to the countries and areas you’ll be visiting on your trip.

Mr Thomas is very well travelled and has seen firsthand the complete and total suffering and destruction caused by sicknesses that are preventable through modern medicine. Travel vaccinations are a very important part of the preparation of your travels. Understanding that local, area-clearly stated/particular conditions like malaria and country-specific variables such as water quality, and sanitation standards for example, are very real and can be terrible and destructive for those poorly-prepared to face them. Thankfully, we are only too happy to help you get properly medically arranged that will help you maintain your day-to-day and long-term health while across the ocean.


Mr Thomas was born in India in 1964. He graduated medicine in India in 1988, before registering as a medical professional in Australia in the year 2000. Through 2000-2007 he practised medicine in Australia’s outback in New South Wales, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. In 2007 he moved to the Windsor Family Practice in New South Wales and acquired it soon after. He went on to eventually run four practices throughout city-based Sydney, before moving on to start his own small-business starting through new and interesting MEKSI Medical Knowledge Simulator. In addition to having been a GP in Sydney, Jawahar Thomas is now a small business owner and an inventor. He has experience from having managed four medical centres and continues to create something new in the medical education part/area with his patented Medical Knowledge simulator, otherwise known as MEKSI.

About Mr Jawahar Thomas

Mr Jawahar Thomas is the CEO of four medical businesses in Sydney as well as an inventor.

Jawahar Thomas grew up in India and was taught from an early age to “share what we receive”. This (point of view/way of behaving) has informed his community-serving belief system and led to him becoming a community health fighter, innovator, and a teacher.

Mr Jawahar Thomas and his team work together with the shared goal of improving their services. Their belief system is to properly take care of someone the various needs of all patients need to be taken into consideration before administering a treatment. Mr Thomas is an eager individual when it comes to maintaining the well-developed methods of education in the medical line of work to improve and develop the standard of care for all patients.

Mr Thomas’s contribution to medical education

Mr Thomas has focused on the education of doctors and medical professionals as the best way to improve the overall standard of medical care. His passion for education led him to create a new and interesting software system, MEKSI, which tests out through simulation, a patient-doctor exchange. It is an interactive platform that is easy and straight forward. It allows the medical student to practice their diagnosis skills, and treatment planning ability, in a safe and supportive manner. MEKSI uses interactive software to give medical students the opportunity to practice possible discussion methods and diagnosis strategy with a range of patient profiles. Students can test their skills and knowledge in a safe place enabling them to develop their ability and confidence as medical professionals.

MEKSI also has a note-taking facility. Careful note-taking is very important to providing consistent patient care. Learning what information to include or leave out and how to highlight especially important information is one of the key elements of good result for the patient. The note-taking facility within MEKSI guides and educates students and professionals in how to take best notes regarding, patient history, signs of sickness, potential issues and other medicines. All this needs to be done in a useful way for securing/making sure of best later patient treatment, and MEKSI is perfect in helping students develop the ability to take these notes properly.
MEKSI was designed to be relevant to modern medicine, and educational for general practitioners, and students. It bridges the gap between learning and practical medicine-based skill so that students and GP’s can continue to group together and update their skills.

Holistic approach to patient health

Mr Thomas and his team practice a complete approach to serving patients’ needs. This means understanding the money-based, social and (many different kinds of people or things) (related to a group of people with the same race, culture, religion, etc.) facts or conditions that surround patients and (thinking about/when one thinks about) those elements in working on a treatment plan.
Each of our offices have female general (professionals or skilled people) available to discuss women’s (like nothing else in the world) health needs.
Mr Thomas also writes a health (shared online writing page) to share tips and (understandings of deep things) that (help increase/show in a good way) and (give a reason to do something) healthy behaviour.
In his (shared online writing page) he regularly faces/deals with common health issues especially in the (serving to stop something bad before it happens) world/area/ball. Topics covered include:

· How lifestyle affects health

· Diet and a healthy relationship with food

· The importance of exercise for physical and mental health

· Cultivating good sleep practices

· Stress management


We offer complete and thorough advice on travel health and vaccinations to make sure that you are prepared for across-the-ocean trips. In a perfect world, you talk to a doctor at least 6-8 weeks before leaving the country.
Are you up-to-date with your procedures vaccinations? We offer total complete and thorough travel health guidance in order to make sure that you are prepared for across-the-ocean trips of any length.
We can educate and offer information on protective options for diabetes, breathing diseases, mental health and other sicknesses. Jawahar Thomas has an interest in long-lasting disease management.
A “Chronic” illness or disease is any continual sickness whether physical or mental, that demands regular treatment and check-ups. These sicknesses are often not life-threatening and can be managed with proper treatment and medicine. However, some do really affect quality of life and is extreme cases can affect overall longevity. Some chronic sicknesses or diseases can be cured with surgery, while others unfortunately ill provide a life long struggle.

Research is being done every day into these sicknesses, and developments are constantly being worked towards. Jawahar Thomas keeps informed of all the latest information, and his clinics always have the benefit of the most up to date, scientific methods for treating a range of long-lasting illness.
Regular health check-ups for men and women are important. The sooner an issue is identified, the better prepared an individual can be with finding a solution. Everyone is an individual, and in no sense is this truer than in the human body. While we all possess the same bodily systems respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc. Some matters of our physiology are inherently different. These differences can come from previous medical concerns, gender, age, ongoing medicine, long-lasting sicknesses, mental illness, hormonal imbalances, chemical imbalances, congenital conditions, and personal habits .
We do everything we can to make sure that your child feels at ease with us, and that you are there for every single step of our medical examination, that way the child feels like there is a sense of support and safety. Also, if we need anything your child says to be cleared up or more precisely stated, we have full confidence that you as their parent or legal caretaker will be able to provide this explanation. After all, who knows a child better than their parent?

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Mr Jawahar Thomas manages three medical organisations in Sydney and one specialist centre. His staff offer a range of services including:

Women's Health

Women’s health

Wound management

Family Care

Family care

Minor Surgery


Broken Bone

Broken Bones

Heart Checkup

Heart check-ups

Mental Health Screenings


Skin checks

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine

About Mr Jawahar Thomas

Learn more about his qualifications, background and experience. Mr Jawahar Thomas provides excellent patient care and dedicates his time to improve healthcare standards for the benefit of his local community.


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Medical Knowledge Simulator (MEKSI)

Jawahar Thomas was granted an invention of new things patent in April 2016 for his Medical Knowledge Simulator (MEKSI), a digital tool that doctors and students use to roleplay discussions with possible patients for educational purposes. Follow his latest projects via LinkedIn. The MEKSI system is set to transform the medical industry education standard, securing/making sure that medical students can completely practise and revise their classroom knowledge in practical test runs, that allow them to exercise their knowledge, as well as self-analyse and opinion in a manner never before seen in the medical industry before.

MEKSI is much more than an app, it is a medical tool allowing students and doctors to practise their art in a safe way that allows for self-evaluation and focus on problem areas during training.

Call of our Medical Clinics in Sydney

Looking for a medical app to help you with your after-graduate GP training? Improve your medical discussion skills by asking the right questions in the right situation and decide/figure out which areas of medicine you need a refresher in thanks to the Medical Knowledge Simulator. Read all about this new and interesting education aid.

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